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Lesley's Place Lesley's Place

Phone: (610) 692–6272
Address: West Chester, PA

Donations and Fundraisers to Support Lesley’s Place

Support Us

Lesley’s Place is established as a non-profit organization to perform the important work of researching and treating mammary tumors in homeless dogs. Founders Karin and Mark donate their skills and time at no cost to care for the homeless dogs enrolled into this program. However, treating dogs with mammary tumors requires on-going funding for diagnostic testing, surgical care, support staff nursing care, and clinical research.

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Alternatively, if you prefer to donate via check, please email us at

Donations will go directly to support the work of the Nonprofit and they are tax-deductible. (EIN 85-3385352)

Special Thanks

Many helped us get Lesley’s Place started and continue to provide major support to our mission. We’d like to say thank you!

  • Michael Barbato (first website)
  • Beyond Indigo Pets (website)
  • Keith Delaney (Santora CPA Group)
  • Gordon Prince, Esq.
  • Antoinette Woolner (Logo Design)
  • Veterinary Oncology Services and Research Center (VOSRC)
  • Heart & Paw